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Q1: Not available suddenly.

A1: Check the manual again to determine if the battery is the cause or the wrong method. 


       Battery replacement previous symptoms:

       Buttons, handles, keys, etc. Symptoms begin to develop that are different from normal use.


      Recommendations: We recommend you replace the entire battery

      with a new product from the same company.

      If it doesn't work after that, please contact A/S where you purchased it.

Q2 : I replaced the battery with a new one, but it doesn't work.

A2 : Remove all batteries and the battery for 1 to 5 minutes so that the remaining current       

       disappears completely.

       after then, Please install the battery again.

        ! The new battery may also be faulty.

          If it doesn't work, please contact the place of purchase.



Q3 : [Password] Error appears.

A3 : If the password has been changed, if the password has been forgotten,

        the existing password may have been deleted.


        Please contact A/S at the place of purchase


        ! Caution : if you press the button several times unnecessarily,

                          be careful that the electronic lock may fail.


Q4 : I forgot my password.

A4 : Please contact your purchasing agent for initial setup for A/S


Q5 : [Change Password]

A5 : Website reference; Customer support – Manual


Q6 : [Alarm] does not stop the sound.

A6 : The alarm will sound if the password is incorrect.

        It will ring again, even though If you remove the battery and plug it back in because noisy.

        The alarm stops automatically when the time is pass, so you should leave it until it stops



Q7 : [Key] lost

A7 : Keys are not sold separately.

        If you wish to replace it with new one, please apply for A/S at the agency you purchased.


Q8 : How do I contact an A/S?

A8 : Please contact the agency you purchased.

        Please note that the hours of consult vary depending on your reseller.

        It is operated independently by country and seller, so please check it individually.


        ! If you have additional questions, please use the "Contact us" section on our web page.

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